All Imitation Climbing Holds are designed and tested to the latest BS EN 12572 part 3. Artificial Climbing Structures. Part 3: Safety requirements and testing methods for climbing holds 2017 edition.

Interactive 3D climbing holds

We understand the intricacies of a climbing hold are only truly appreciated once they are in your hand. Imitation Holds are proud to be industry leaders in the field of your viewing hold experience through interactive 3D climbing holds.

The 3D climbing holds are 3D renders shown for illustrative purposes and may not be an exact representation of the product.

If the 3D climbing hold does not automatically load, click on the play button.

  • Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button to rotate
  • Click and hold the right mouse button to pan
  • Annotations allow you to explorer in further detail


We are proud to design climbing holds shaped from nature but with a finger friendly hold texture. These holds are not replica casts of rock holds. The texture is  what climbers expect from high end climbing holds, with interesting real rock shapes.

Materials – Polyurethane (PU) Danomond

To realise the ambitious new shapes of Imitation Holds a high-end material was required.

All of our holds are manufactured in the latest technologically advanced Polyurethane (PU). Dannonmond is fast becoming the industry standard for climbing holds. This premium material exhibits;

  • High abrasion resistance
  • High Strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Lighter than traditional PE (Polyester Resin)

These features provide significant advantage for route setters and climbers alike.


To allow comparison between climbing hold manufactures, the latest 2017 version of EN 12573 part 3 specifics a standard size for XS through to XXL and how to measure the holds.
Imitation Large holds are comparable to older XL holds from different manufacturers. All our photos and 3D models include a carabiner (width 70mm and length 100mm) for scale.

Hollow back

Larger Imitation Climbing Holds feature Hollow Back technology. This greatly reduces the weight of the polyurethane climbing holds making it easier to handle while route setting. Using less material reduces your shipping costs and benefits the environment.

Dual Fixing

All holds feature a dual bolt washer in the bolt hole to allow both countersunk and cap head bolts as standard. The main fixing point requires a M10 countersunk or cap head bolt. Most Imitation Holds include a secondary fixing point. A 5mm screw, with a full length thread, should be used and prevents holds from spinning.

All Fixings (Bolts and Screws) are included within the climbing hold sets.



Website colours are shown for illustrative purposes and may not be an exact representation of the colour of the product.

There might be slight variation with Fluro colours.

Colours may fade after time if exposed to direct sunlight. Fluro colours including Violet are more susceptible to this and are not recommended for outdoor use.


For UK delivery the following prices apply.
Orders up to £80, delivery is £8
Orders from £80.01 to £150, delivery is £15
Orders from £150.01 to £300, delivery is £20
Orders from £300.01 to £500, delivery is £25
Orders over £500, delivery is FREE.
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